Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual Direction is an opportunity to explore your faith through guided discussion with a spiritual director

The role of a spiritual director is to accompany you on your journey of faith, listening to your experiences to help you deepen your relationship with God.

It is not counselling, and a director does not tell you what to do, though they may make prayer suggestions. They journey alongside you as a companion on the way, helping you to understand God’s work In you so that you can flourish more in God’s love.

Who is it for?

Spiritual direction can help anyone who seeks to deepen their relationship with God through prayer, which is a two-way conversation with God.

Sometimes we reach a point in our lives when God seems to be calling us to a different way, a renewed faith, a new choice in life, or deeper intimacy. It can be useful to share these explorations with someone experienced in God’s often-surprising ways.

Sometimes we feel it would be good to have help with prayer that feels stuck or confused, or just to have someone to talk things through with.

These are a few examples of when spiritual direction may be of help, but each person is different and comes for their own particular reasons.

How does it work?

Normally you meet with your director every 4-6 weeks for about 45-50 minutes, to talk in a confidential setting about what is going on in your relationship with God. This could touch any part of your life, not only prayer, so it is important that you choose a director you feel completely comfortable with whatever the topic, who can offer you help in discerning where God is leading you.

What commitment is involved?

For this to be helpful, you will be committed to being open to God, to spiritual development, to giving time to your relationship with God, and to be open to change on the journey. You will also commit to meeting with your director at regular agreed intervals.

What does it cost?

Payment is by donation, with suggested donations ranging from £5 to £40 according to ability to pay. However, no-one should feel unable to ask for spiritual direction because they are unable to pay. This can be discussed at the initial meeting.

If you think spiritual direction would help you, and you can attend meetings near Chichester, contact me to arrange a no-commitment initial discussion